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Iron Vest Iron Vest Qigong is a high level internal strength and health exercise set centuries old. Iron Vest, also known as Iron Shirt or Iron Jacket has a variety of benefits both for martial artists and those who are interested in overall health of the body. Iron Vest was used to protect people from injury during combat. The purpose of Iron Vest for martial artists is to strengthen the chi or internal energy of the body. Iron Vest is designed to increase and strengthen the chi that circulates in and around the internal organs to strengthen and protect them. For those who are not involved in the martial arts but would like to receive the benefits of Iron vest, you should expect to see an increase in your muscular endurance when performong aerobics or weight training. An improved sense of balance and posture throughout the body as well as healing and prevention of lower back injuries.


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Iron Thread e-books from the Shaolin online library:

Lam Sai Wing "TIET SIN KUEN"

Provides a detailed description of the old Shaolin method of "Internal Training" - TIET SIN QI GONG. A master of the "Iron Thread" can withstand, with no consequences, the strongest of blows, including ones with heavy objects or cold steel arms, bend thick iron rods with his hands, and his "rooting power" is so strong that he cannot be displaced by a group of strong people. In addition, this wonderful method strengthens all internal organs, bones, muscles and sinews. The entire body thrives and rejuvenate.

Iron Skills DVDs
Wudang Style!

Wudang Series - The Golden Pearl Iron Jacket
The golden pearl iron jacket is taught by Liu Lihang, the great master of Wu dang pure positive faction. It divides into two parts: pure positive element and golden pearl lie down element. It is taught secretly one to one inside the faction but not seen in the outside world. So it is said as the secret place of the martial skill. You can save the strength to preserve your health by practicing this, and also resist the enemy to protect yourself. Practice this in a long run you can protect yourself from violence and get stronger and benefit human beings. Click picture for more info.

Iron Vest QiGong DVD

Iron Shirt Chi Kung books

Iron Body Ninja Book

Iron skills Free demostration videos:
Chin Na Store (Chinese art of joint locks and grappling)
E - BOOKS from the Shaolin online library!

Iron Palm Books

Iron Palm VHS

Iron Palm/Fist/Fingers Training Bag

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