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Liuhe (6 harmonies / 6 conformities) Quan (Fist), also sometimes called Liuhe Bafa Quan, is an internal martial art that is very effective but little known outside China. On this store page you will find instructional dvds to help you learn this art.

Liuhe Quan DVD

Chibi Paired Practice

It is impossible to trace who edited and popularize this set of boxing. But the Liuhe (Six Conformities) School keeps this paired practice method in which one-person attacks while another defends, one person advances while another backing. Master Wan Laisheng often practiced this boxing with his disciples. He required it to be exact, steady and firm; the body movements should be practiced well;  take the feint movements as the real movements. You can perform the movements well by frequent practice. Click picture for more info.

Liuhe Quan DVD

Liuhe Eight-step Hook Paired Practice

Eight-step Hook Paired Practice is one of the paired practices in the Liuhe school (Six Conformities). Its most notable feature is that the body movement and the footwork are very agile and quick, it can advance and retreat freely, each form of the fists moving upward and beating downward, the movements are quite forceful and vigorous. Practicing this kung fu, you can win the opponent stronger than you by circumvent, and subdue the weaker easily. Your kung fu will be improved a lot if you have such a good chance to learn this set. Click picture for more info.

Xingyi Liuhe DVD

Xingyi Liuhe Quan and Eight-Form Quan

Xingyi Liuhe Quan emphasizes on holding the fists while chopping with the forearm like an axe. It is real hacking palm of being "like axe and belonging to metal". Its force does not only come out from shoulders, elbows and joints of the hands, but also from the forearm between the elbow and hand. It is very unique in its attacking technique. Eight-form Quan has significant feature of being "striking once encountering the hands with swift and solid power in each forms."  Though the movements do not stretched as other routine, but it has more movements of changing hand forms and changing force. In practice, they change more with emphasis on "harmony of the upper body and the lower one, the unity of the inner and outer power, the uniform of the whole body." Click picture for more info.

Click here for information about Liuhe Bafa Quan


Liuhe Quan Broadsword DVD

Phoenix Golden Wing Single Broadsword
Phoenix Golden Wing Single Broadsword is also called Six Conformities (Liuhe) Single Broadsword. Broadsword is the most common one in Chinese ancient weapons, and it gains high honor from martial artist in all the ages. Broadsword is also called the "risking lift single broadsword." The Six Conformities Single Broadsword has the feature of being swift, forceful, strong and vigorous. Its movements contain hacking, chopping, stabbing, cutting, parrying, twining and wrapping the head and so on. Click picture for more info.

Liuhe Sword DVD

Traditional Liuhe Sword

Xingyi Liuhe Sword is derived from the Traditional Xingyi Liuhe Quan. The former name of it is Xinyi Liuhe Quan and Liuhe Quan, it is a name of one kind of Quan. Here we mainly talk about the technique and the requirement of Xingyi Liuhe Sword. Besides the internal three conformities and external three conformities it requires that cooperate with advancing, retreating, turning and folding with force. It shows the affluent content of Xingyi weapon with quite special distribution. Through my demonstration I hope you can understand it more. Click picture for more info.

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