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Wu Style Taiji Quan
The Wu-style Taijiquan has 85 forms totally. Its forms are dapper and compact. The methods such as the "ward off", "stroke", "push", "press", "pull down", "bend backward", "elbow stroke" and "body lean" are used in each form with attack contained inside. The advance, retreat, fixing, look and stop come into being with forms. Postures are tight and elegant; mind and spirit are in peace and comfort. For its features and style of hardness combined with softness, open with close and emptiness with solidness, every form of Wu-style Taijiquan is an excellent example for explaining the fist theories and techniques. It is easy to learn and can prolong your life.

Wu Style

Appreciation of Wu Style Taiji Quan + Weapons Routines

This program which selects the essentials of  "Wu-style Taijiquan", "Wu-style Taijiquan Hitting Hand ", " Wu-style Taiji Body-strengthening Swordplay", showing you the features and style of hardness combined with softness, opening with closing of the Wu-style Taiji Quan and Weapon series. Each form is an excellent example to demonstrate the theory and method of Taijiquan. It is easy to learn, and possesses the functions of strengthening body and prolonging life. Click picture for more info, or buy from Amazon:

36 Sword Form

Simplified Wu Style Sword - 36 Movements
The Simplified Wu-style Tai-chi Sword is adapted from traditional Wu-style Tai-chi Swordsmanship. Its simplified routines cater to the majority of people pursuing practicing Wushu. The simplified routines require clear-cut and accurate swordsmanship; free, light and deep footwork; flexible and free movement of body. In short, the practitioner must keep his hands, eyes, body and feet in excellent coordination before he can learn the essence of Tai-chi Swordsmanship of Sword and Its Owner Be One. Click picture for more info.

Health Sword

Wu Style Tai Chi Health Sword

Wu-style body-strengthening sword totals 25 forms. It was compiled by the Wu-style Taijiquan masters on the basis of Wu-style Taijiquan and Wu-style Taiji outline. It combines the techniques of broadsword and those of sword. The basic hand form is sword-fingers. It requires the sword to go with people and integrate with body. After Wu-style Taiji Quan forms and the hitting hands are mastered and on the basis of Wu-style boxing outline, it makes us to exercise Wu-style Taiji swordplay better. Click picture for more info.

Push Hands

Wu Style Taiji Pushing Hands and Gluing Poles

Taiji Pushing Hands is one kind of sparring event by two persons. It is practical in combat and good for health. It is also a training approach for Taijiquan exercises to improve skills. This technique is developed, according to kinetic principles, to lure the opponent to lose balance and fall down by sticking to the opponent's hands, following his move upper and down during which it is the skill, not the force that is mainly relied on. The Taiji Gluing Poles is the extended from the Taijiquan, and it is one kind of method to improve Taiji kung fu with the degree of difficulty. body and mind are trained together. Click picture for more info, or buy from Amazon:

Competition Routine

Wu Style Taiji Quan Competition Routine- 3 DVD Set

This traditional routine of Wu-style Taijiquan has 83 forms and separate into 326 movements. Each form has two movements organized by odd and an even numbers. The odd means opening and even means closing. Opening and closing are naturally arranged. Its movements are well arranged and regarded as the standard in this set. During practice, the internal energy and external performance should act as one and both body and mind are trained together. lick picture for more info, or buy from Amzaon (New or Used):

Competition Routine

Wu Style Taiji Quan Competition Routine - 2 DVD SET
This routine conforms to the competition requirement in time, contents and arrangements. It has its own characteristics as the following: the movements are light, quiet, and smooth, and moderately wide. It focuses on the??-shaped steps, and keep body upright when slanting in practicing. Click picture for more info, or buy from Amazon:

For a description and comparison of the different styles of Tai Chi visit our Taijiquan information page
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Wu Style Broadsword DVD:

The Traditional Taiji Broadsword is called "13 Taiji Broadsword", because the movements of Taiji broadsword routine have only 13 pithy formulas, different from the boxing and sword in that their movements have their own names.

Taiji Broadsword is one kind short weapon of the Wu-style Taijiquan series, so its style and characteristic should be used the requirement of body work and footwork as the standard. The movements of Taiji Broadsword are continuous, clear and smooth. During practice, you should emphasize the hardness with softness hiding in; the hands and broadsword should be coordinated well. lick link below for more info.

Wu Style Taiji 13 Broadsword DVD:

Wu-style Taiji Broadsword is one kind short weapon of the Wu-style Taijiquan seres,its techniques include cut,hack,chop,intercept,raise,uppercut,thrust,slice,draw,block and sweep and soon.The movements of Taiji Broadsword are continuous,clear and smooth.The routine shows the double features of hardness and toughness with softness and looseness dwelling in.It has only 13 pithy formulas in the broadsword tree,in fact,it can be divided into thirty-eight movements, the time duration is two to three minutes.

Wu Sword 2 DVD set:

Taiji sword is one kind short weapon of Taijiquan series. It belongs to the category of soft-body weapon. It contains the elements of the techniques of wushu, and it has the features of the Taijiquan such as gentleness, continuity and mind leading the sword. Traditional Wu-style Taiji Swordplay is rich in movements, exquisite in skills, graceful, natural and smooth in performance. It's the most difficult one in Taiji swordplay series. When practicing, the body and sword should be acted as one, the techniques of sword should be clear and distinct, and their changes should be in harmony. Your internal energy and external movements should be well coordinated.

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