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Ju Jitsu DVDs

9 DVD Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu set:
Featuring the Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu Style. The complete art of Jujitsu (as taught to L.A.P.D.) plus all the requirements throughout 6th Dan, featuring Hanshi Ken Penland, 10th Dan and Hanshi George Alexander, 9th Dan.

Tape 1-History, Breakfalls, Footwork, Wristlocks
Tape 2-Stances, Striking, Blocking, Sparring
Tape 3-Defense Sets, Stand-Up Fighting Techniques, Take Downs & Submissions
Tape 4-Nage Waza I Throwing Techniques & Aiki Jujitsu Take Downs
Tape 5-Nage Waza II Grappling Techniques, Escapes, Arm Bars, Submissions & Ground Fighting
Tape 6-Nage Waza III Throwing Techniques, Pressure Points, Strangulations & Resuscitations
Tape 7-Katame Waza I Grappling, Escapes, Arm Bars, Submissions, Ground Fighting
Tape 8-Katame Waza II Grappling Techniques, Escapes, Arm Bars, Submission, Ground Fighting
Tape 9-Self-Defense, Street Applications, Single & Multiple Attackers, Knife, Club & Gun Defense

Aikido Aiki Jujitsu 11 DVD Black Belt Course (up tp 3rd degree) with free phone, email and webcam tutoring

Aiki Jujitsu Idai Ryu complete black belt home study course consist of 11 DVDs covering all techniques from Yellow Belt to 3rd Degree Black Belt. Aiki Jujitsu is based on ancient Japanese techniques and principals routed in multiple attack theory. Joint locks, throws, takedowns, kicks, atemi/strikes, breaks, chokes, ground fighting and weapon defenses are all covered along with meditation and proper samurai breathing to enhance your level and ability. This is a highly effective martial art in which the student will learn to defend against several attackers at one time as they progress. The student is shown how to use the Jo Staff, Boken, Tanto, Handbo and Jutte as well as Shurikens to defend with. The student will to defend against others attacking you with these or other weapons. If you want Effective Street and life applications, look no further. Aiki Jujitsu Idai Ryu is the system for you. Comes with free phone, email, web cam instructor tutoring. These eleven DVDs are packed with hours of knowledge sought all over the world today. Black Belt testining done at your location or our Dojos or affiliate Schools.

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