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Welcome to the Monkey Kung Fu Store. Use DVDs, books and VHS to learn Monkey Style Kung Fu

Monkey Style Kung Fu DVDs

Monkey Claw

Back-through Shaolin Monkey Shape Boxing

This boxing is created by Shaolin Wushu monks who adopt the advantages of Small Hong Boxing,Big Hong Boxing, and Monkey Boxing . Its characteristic is pretty and cleverly-made, lively and agile. Hand type is mostly monkey's claw.

This routine is lively and clever. It is active to whole body joint and has effect on building up body and exercising techniques of attack and defends. It is very popular with the warriors and suitable for teenagers. This boxing is according to the demonstration movement of Su Xi who is  a famous monk..It is easy to study and practise and popularize. This is the first of three DVDs. Click picture for more info.



Monkey Claw
2nd DVD
Monkey Claw
3rd DVD

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