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The Secrets of Breaking
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Sensei Mike Reeves is a 10-time World Champion and World Record holder in breaking. In The Secrets of Breaking, he shares a wealth of knowledge and experience, from the most basic board breaks to the secrets of breaking stacks of concrete.

For those with no previous experience, Sensei Reeves starts off with the basics: how to set up a break properly, where to strike a board with different techniques, how to condition your hands and how to select your materials for a successful break. Then he demonstrates and teaches 12 fundamental board breaks including the punch, knife hand, hammerfist, elbow, side kick, back kick and axe kick. Once you have the basics down, learn how to put them together in combination breaks.

The highlight of this video is the advanced segment, where Sensei Reeves teaches you the secrets to power and speed breaking as he demolishes stacks of concrete and wood. Learn to break concrete with the double elbow strike, double hammer fist and stomp kick. The detailed set-up instructions for each break help you safely and successfully achieve these advanced techniques.

In The Secrets of Breaking, Mike Reeves teaches you how to break boards and bricks, from the most basic board breaks to the secrets of breaking stacks of concrete.

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