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Hard Wing Chun School: 13 Post Hands

Wing Chun was created by Nun Wumei of Shaolin. One of the branches, hard Wing Chun, was improved on by a martial artist of Hong boxing called Liang Zan through practicing and spread in Guangdong's troupes. Consisting of all the hand methods used in this school, thirteen Post Hands is the basic skill of hard Wing Chun. As long as one gets familiar with these post hands, he has mastered most technique actions of hard Wing Chun and will find it helpful in further study. Click picture for price.


Hard Wing Chun School: Siu Nim Tao
Siu Nim Tao (Xiao Lian Tou)is the fundamental routine of Wing Chun (Yongchun). In hard wing chun, there are two ways of practicing Siu Nim Tao: practice strength and practice skills. Strength practicing is tight and slow movements which gives the practitioners tight practice to improve their strength and stamina; skill practicing is loose practice which enables the practitioners get familiar with the tact and then give out strength. Siu Nim Tao is the foundation or seed of the force of wing chun. It is very helpful for practicing wing chun to master the key of this routine. Click picture to buy


Wing Chun Seeking Bridge
Seeking the bridge is an intermediate skill in Wing Chun Kung Fu, and it is in many ways the most characteristically Wing Chun of all techniques. It has been said that if you master the bridge you will never lose a fight. Click picture for more info and to buy.


Chen Qiao and Nian Shou
Sinking Bridge and Sticky hand is an advanced Wing Chun Kung Fu training routine which builds on the skills learnt in 'seeking bridge'. Click picture for more info ad to buy.

Wing Chun Books:
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