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Iron Shirt is one of the most powerful chi kung systems for martial artists and also has substantial health benefits:
These  two contain basic Qi Gong for improving health and vitality and cleansing the body

Here are some more specialised titles looking at Chi kung from various perspectives and for different purposes; they are all pretty good and the titles are quite self explanatory

This is very interesting if you are interested in both Kung Fu and the Ninja arts as it combines Chinese Chi Kung with the Japanese art of 'Kuji-in' which is basically ther same as the Ninja art of Kuji-Kiri, which is very difficult to learn on its own from books and DVD's:

This is a wonderful Chi Kung form that combines martial arts chi kung for developing explosive power and strength with the more general health applications and it comes straight from the training given at the Shaolin Temple; here is one book purely looking at the Chi kung, and a DVD including both chi kung and kung fu forms

There aren't many good books out there that teach you how to tailor your chi kung routine for specific purposes and to overcome specific ailments but I have found one! 

Combining Chi Kung with an excellent introduction to acupressure

This is an excellent DVD package that includes a good theoretical introduction to acupressure with lots of practical stuff - both self massage and normal two-person massage:

Or if you are looking for something more specifc check out these pages:
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