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Comprehensive Yang Style Tai Chi DVD
This Special Edition DVD is over four hours long, with hours of additional content not available on VHS.

Discover Authentic Taijiquan.
This comprehensive video is not only an instructional DVD, but a living document designed to preserve a cultural tradition from the original Yang Style lineage. Practice of this living, vital form will bring you a healthy and relaxed body, a clear mind, and a strong sense of martial intent. This Tai Chi Chuan program will offer you enough content to build a solid foundation for a lifetime of practice.

• Fundamental Stances • Instruction of the Thirteen Postures • Taiji Qigong Primary Set • Moving Qigong • The Complete Yang Style Taijiquan Long Form • Instructions on Breathing

This Enhanced DVD edition contains the following extra content:
• Taijiquan Theory Lecture by Dr. Yang • Taiji Qigong & Fa Jin (Emitting Power) sections • Detailed Instruction & Analysis of Each Movement in the Form • Slideshow of the 113 Postures

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Hundreds of Scene Selections • Interactive Feature: Click the Yin/Yang Symbol to open up In-Depth Instruction of the Form • Over 2 hours of additional content • Language: English, French and Chinese • Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese • All Regions Encoding • Previews of all video titles • Interactive YMAA Product Catalog • "About YMAA" section, and more.

240 minutes-color/ DVD9-NTSC


Single Push Hands

Single Pushing Hands with Fixed Step
Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan. The content of Single Pushing Hands: The harmony and standardization between the upper leg and the lower leg. What the upper limbs stresses is the circle which should be round and big. The strength can't be increased or decreased. Arms should be rotated inward and outward. Circle can be divided into two semicircles, four areas. Some formulas verse says: Bow in the front and empty in the back then keeps the center naturally, upward in the front and backward in the back then stands the left and right sides. Click picture for more info.

Double Push Hands

Double Push Hands with Fixed Step

Traditonal Yang styleTaijquan. The content of Double Push Hands is: on the basis of single pushing hand, connect two arms, both hands should lead and follow. The former is leading and the latter is following. Following is to sticking, the cross-use of sticking can make the two arms keep connecting and only if you can do that then you can move freely with chest. Then your head should be raised, your neck will be upright and your hips will be lowered. And relax your chest and abdomen then make your back natural. There's a saying that: move spirally to neutralize the opponent's force by Tanzhong. Click picture for more info.

Four-Sides Hand

Four Sides Hand

Traditional Yang style Taijiquan. The content of Four-sides-hand with Fixed Steps: The three steps and four kinds of using force on the basic of Double Pushing Hands. The three steps are Step forward, Step backward, Step forward and backward. The four techniques of using force are about Ward-off, Rub, Press forward, Push. These are the four kinds of using force of the eight techniques. They are "Ward-off" force, "Rub" force, "Press forward" force, and "Push" force. The two persons should move with the note to embody the identification and opposition of the five elements. The formulas verse is that, one "ward-off", two "press forward", three "change hands", four "rub", five "push" then turn body. Click picture for more info.

Push ands with Active Step

Pushing Hands with Active Step

Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan. The content of Pushing Hands with Active Step: On the base of Four-sides-hands with fixed stance, it talks about the four energies of the upper limbs and the harmonious integrality of the lower limbs. The four energies embody the identification and opposition of "To adhere and lift", "To join", "To adhere horizontally", "To attach from the rear". Always keep the movement of the two persons in a whole, canonical and harmonious. Click picture for more info.

85 Forms

Traditional Yang-Style Taiji Quan 85 Forms
Traditional Yang-Style Taiji Quan 85 Forms is very practical. It combines dynamic with static movements, softness with firmness, like a dragon flying around. It enjoys a good reputation that the player can have a trial of strength with his opponents without touching their bodies. Click picture for more info.

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