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Fight with the strength, power, ferocity and killer instinct of a tiger!
On this page you will find books, e-books and DVDs relating to Tiger Kung Fu and Tiger Claw Kung Fu.


The book scrutinizes an old canonical form (the Tao) of the Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, the "Gung Gee Fook Fu". According to the legend, the founder of the Hung Gar Kung Fu style, Hung Tziguan studied this form under the tutorship of Southern Shaolin's best fighter, a Master of the Tiger Style Chzi Shan. The quintessence of Southern Shaolin Kung Fu School. This TAO includes main basic techniques and fighting methods of Southern Shaolin Tiger Style, one of the most effective hand-to-hand system of Chinese Fighting Kung Fu. Click Picture to Download.
Tiger Style Kung Fu DVDs


Shaolin Tiger Boxing

Brief Introduction: Tiger Boxing is a kind of animal-imitation boxing, which is powerful and abrupt, as if a tiger runs down a hill. The hands are always formed as tiger claws. Your will leads your Qi (internal energy) to the finger tops. Keep your hands, eyes, body and steps well coordinated. Move quickly. Your play should show the tiger's powerfulness. Click picture for more info and to buy.


Intercepting Tiger Quan
The Cai Li Fo Kungfu has 160 years' history since the time of the founder Chen Xiang. Cai Li Fo is considered a major branch of the Lingnan art of Chinese boxing and it also spread to Hongkong, Macao, Europe, America, Australia and Africa. Intercepting Tiger is one of the short forms in Cai Li Fo's style. It has clear movement, coherent structure, stable extension, magnificent momentum, easy to learn and suitable for performance.


Shaolin Five-Tiger Fighting Sheep Staff

Shaolin staff is an important part of Shaolin Wushu, after the thirteen monks with staff saved the king of dynasty Tang, it's more famous than before. Shaolin Five-tiger Fighting Sheep staff's method of staff is variety, and the main skills are sweeping, poking, clouding, supporting, uppercutting, jabbing, chopping, circling figures, picking and pointing, even the picking, pointing and jabbing have more methods of staff, it's a rare and precious routine.


Shaolin Five-Tiger Killing Sheep Broadsword

Shaolin Five-tiger Killing Sheep Broadsword is a most common weapon in the Shaolin wushu weapons. Its movements are swift and fierce, powerful and forceful; every posture is hard to defend and every form has profound meaning. Its movements have strong function of attacking and defending with strong fighting skill. It is an excellent set that is easy to learn and understand.


Five-Tiger Killing Sheep Cudgel
Five-tiger killing sheep cudgel is a kind of long weapon routine within Chen-style Taiji weapons routines and it has been combined with the special characteristics of both spear and cudgel. With its movement combined with the twining, twisting touching methods of Chen-style Taijiquan,so it has a unique style. This routine is accurately and closely arranged, fully displays the special characteristics of the spear-cudgel, and truly shows that the combination of Five-tiger Killing Sheep Cudgel and Taijiquan is wonderful, changeable and powerful.


Five-Tiger Going Down Xichaun
Five-tiger Going Down Xichuan gelongs to Sichuan Shengmen school. The boxing has light, fast, firm and agile movements marked by compact, clear-cut, fast and forceful features. It has both formality and actuality, as imposing as five tigers darting out of their dens.

Tiger Kung Fu Books

Five-Animal Frolics Qi Gong

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