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Our Kung Fu store has one of the best selections of kung fu books, DVDs and equipment in the world. We can do this through the power of affiliate programs. Everything you need to learn and practice kung fu is here!

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Jin Yi Ming. LIAN GONG MI JUE: Secret Methods of Acquiring External and Internal Mastery. Shanghai, 1930 /e-Book in Adobe pdf
An old proverb says: “If you exercise only the technique (style) but ignore special training you will be a nobody till your old days.” “Special training” implies particular exercises for developing both WAI ZHUANG – “the External Power” and NEI ZHUANG – “the Internal Power”. Those exercises (training procedures) are collected under a common title – LIAN GONG, literally “Exercising to Acquire Mastery”. In his preface the author writes: “...It is not an idle talk that “Strength can not overcome the Pugilistic Art (Quan Shu), the Pugilistic Art can not overcome Internal Mastery (Gong Fu)”. The people think that it is enough to exercise the Pugilistic Art (Quan Shu) but few know that the Pugilistic Art can not withstand the Internal Mastery (Gong Fu) as the Pugilistic Art is sprouts of Gong Fu and Gong Fu itself is the base and root of the Pugilistic Art. There are people who exercise only Gong Fu and do not exercise Quan Shu. But nobody heard that Quan Shu can be exercised without exercising Gong Fu. Such “mastery” is like flying fluff or floating duckweed - too weak base. It is necessary to exercise both Gong Fu and Quan Shu, only in that case there will be a strong base and excellent Mastery.” The first part of the book presents exercises which belong to the section “External exercising” (WAI GONG) aimed at the development of “the External Power” (WAI ZHUANG). It includes exercises for the development of “hardness” (YING GONG), “lightness” (QING GONG) and “flexibility” (ROU GONG). The second part of the book deals with the development of “the Internal Power” (NEI ZHUANG): the description of massage according to the method NEI ZHUANG XING GONG, the method “Rinsing marrow” XI SUI, some formulae of drugs to increase the level of the “internal power” are given. Undoubtedly, the book will be useful for serious practitioners of traditional styles of Chinese Martial Arts who are eager to reach genuine mastery.

An excellent series of tutorial DVD's on one of the most fascinating and effective aspects of the Shaolin arts:


Kung Fu Books

A study of the weak points of the human body and how to exploit them with the Dim Mak death touch!:

The Shaolin workout not only contains a good workout and some excellent stretches for anyone who practices kung fu but is also a great inspirational text.Contains many photos clearly showing the whole routine.

The Most comprehensive companion for Wing Chun students:

A very scholarly text on the many spiritual aspects of the oriental martial arts, particularly the historical connection between kung fu and buddhism:


Plenty of pictures and a good intro to Hung Gar, a powerful yet graceful style that includes the 5 animal forms:

Bruce Lee is still the man!

All of these books relate to kung fu in general. If you want something about a specific style or aspect of kung fu then take a look at the navigation links at the top right of this page.

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