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Advanced Competition Routine

Advanced Xingyi Quan Competition Routine
The Advanced Xingyi Quan Competition Routine is examined and approved by the Chinese Sports Administration, Chinese Wushu Reach Institute and Chinese Wushu Management Center. It consists of six parts and 68 movements, with rich content and reasonable, various structure changing and great difficulty. Basically, it contains the hand techniques and footwork as well as leg techniques and jumping and etc of traditional Xingyi Quan, which means that it maintains the characteristics of the main skills from the various styles. It is a quite comprehensive routine.
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Hunyuan Sanshou Quan

Hunyuan Sanshou Quan Routine
From the Traditional Shanxi Xingyi Quan Series. Hunyuan Sanshou quan is composed of single and mixture attack and defense techniques, including Kick, Punch, Throw, Catch and so on to form a routine. It integrates the prime techniques from many genres of Wushu, containing more than 50 moves and 30 combinations. Click picture for more info.

Combat Skills of Hunyuan Sanshou

Practical Combat Skills of Hunyuan Sanshou Quan
This video mainly introduces the demonstrations of the Hunyuan Sanshou Quan's techniques in a real combat. It includes the technique combination of Shaolin, Long Fist (Chang Quan), Short Fist (Duan Quan), Through Arm (Tong Bi), Turn Over Fist (Fanzi Quan), Mantis Boxing (Tanglang Quan) and Xingyi Quan, and can be regarded as a collection of specimens of traditional Sanshou. Clcik picture for more info

Cock Style

Four-Technique Quan of Cock Style Xingyi Quan

The Four-technique Quan of Cock Style is named as Four Techniques briefly. It is a traditional routine in Xingyi Quan. Due to its Cock Style and there are four techniques inside we call it Four-technique Quan of Cock Style. This routine is prudent and vivid with the exact force to show the feature of cock, like the capability of standing on one foot, the movement of pecking a grain of rice, the style of shaking plume and the courage of fighting. In this set, it shows all the hand techniques of attacking and defending. It is a practical technique of both practicing and fighting. Click picture for more info.

Interlink Fist

Interlink Fist of Yue style - Combat Skills of Ba Fan Shou

From the Traditional Shanxi Xingyi Quan Series. It is said that the famous general of the Song Dynasty, Yue Fei trained his soliders by Ba Fan shou so as to improve their battle effectiveness. It is compact, practical, easy, and powerful for attack and defense, which including many hand techniques such as kick, punch, tumble, catch, bundle, throw and so on. There are three sections---- upper, middle, lower, eight routines for each. The characteristic is practicing movements in both sides, and practice for eight times on each side, that's why it is called Ba Fan Shou (Eight Turning Hand). Click picture for more info.

Mixed Styles Fist

Practical Combat Skills of Mixed Styles Boxing

From the Traditional Shanxi Xingyi Quan Series. Mixture Styles Boxing is the mixture styles combined rehearse of traditional Xingyi Quan. It looks gorgeous but simple to use, spectacular, quadrate up and down, including everything, moving a lot but smart, changeable in posture and linked up. It is the routine of traditional Xingyi Quan which contains many techniques and needs many circles.Click picture for more info.

Partner Exercises

Xing Yi Comprehensive Paired Practice
This set of Xingyi Comprehensive Paired Practice contains more changes of the movements, force and route on base of the traditional Xingyiquan. It reflects the Xingyi Quan's feature of "hard attacking and hard advancing" and the unique attacking techniques of "closing to body and applying force." The circle of Xingyiquan gives high praise for the creative thought of this set. Click picture for more info.

For more information about Hsing-I / Xing Yi Quan take a looks at our XingYi Quan main information page, watch a : Xing Yi Quan Demonstration Video
or take a look at our many other free resources in the Internal Martial Arts - Nei Kung section.
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Hsing-I / Xing Yi Quan Books
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Xing Yi Quan Weapons DVDs

Xing Yi Broadsword

Traditional Xing Yi Liuhe Broadsword

Xingyi Liuhe Broadsword is derived from the Traditional Xingyi Liuhe Quan. The former name of it is Xinyi Liuhe Quan and Liuhe Quan, it is a name of one kind of Quan. Here we mainly talk about the technique and the requirement of Xingyi Liuhe broadsword. Besides the internal three

ormities and external three conformities it requires that cooperate with advancing, retreating, turning and folding with force. It shows the affluent content of Xingyi weapon with quite special distribution. Through my demonstration I hope you can understand it more. Click picture for more info.

Double Broadswords

Traditional Xingyi Interlinked Double Broadswords

In Xingyi Quan, we appreciate a lot on " weapon and quan together as a whole." No matter short or long, single or double, there are different weapons for different boxing. In the year 1936, my grandfather master Shang Yuanxiang demonstrated this set at the Performing Wushu Meeting for Relieving The People in Yellow River Disaster in Peiping and aroused the martial arts world. My father Li Wenbin was good at this broadsword and understood the essence. Here I demonstrate the set for you and wish you could get an understanding of the traditional Xingyi Quan and its weapons. Click picture for more info.

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