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Sun Style Taijiquan Competition Routine

The Sun-style Taijquan is called "Open and Close Taijiquan"or "Moving-steps Taijiquan".The opening and closing of hands is one of the main characters of Sun-style Taijiquan.And it requires the "follow up step"when advancing and the "draw in step"when retreating,which is another important character of Sun-style,The Sun-style Taijiquan was created by Sun Lutang,based on the traditional Wu-style Taijiquan and selected some movements of Baguazhang(Eight Diagrams Palm) and Xingyiquan (Form and Will Boxing),so we can find the features of Baguazhang and Xingyiquan.

  According to the principle of tradition,rationality and competition,the competition routine of Sun-style Taijiquan is set up with essential 73 forms based on the oks frame of this style,and compiled and examined by outstanding Taijiquan specialists,coaches and players.So it shows the characteristics of Sun-style Taijiquan:To coordinate the advancing and retreating of footwork and use the movement of opening and closing the hands to conneet each turning.

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