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Instructional  DVDs and Books for Chen style Taijiquan / Tai Chi

Chen Style Tai Chi DVDs
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Chen Style Chansigong
1st of Four DVD Series

Chen Style Chansigong Exercise


Chansigong exercise is fundamental in taijiquan. It concerns two parts, one being the direct axis along the elixir field, the other being the level axis crossing the elixir field. Both of the two parts center on the elixir field. They are closely connected to each other in any movement. Taijiquan is variable, only when one masters Chansigong would he get twice the result with half the effort when practicing taiji.

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Changquan 108 Forms
Extensive 7 DVD set!

Chen-style Chanquan 108 Forms

The Chen-style Taijiquan which based of the Chen-style Changquan 108 Forms is created by Chen Wangting after absorbing strong points of various styles of wushu schools. Until Chen's family 12th generation, the Chen-style disciple Guo Yongfu who mastered the long-style boxing routine of 108 forms, (someone said that his primary name is Chen Bufu, but his name following his mother was changed for Yongfu later) because his errantry so that manslaughter people, escaped Hongdong county in Shanxi province, then long-style boxing (that is Tongbeiquan of Shanxi province, or "Wu Ji Chanquan" in Taiyuan city) was handed down there. After that, the Chen-style Changquan 108 Forms was lost in Chen's family. In 1975, Taiji master Chen Liqing paid a visit to Xu Fangqing in Sanxi province, and learned the Chen-style Changquan 108 Forms from him.

This is a very thorough and extensive 7 DVD set for an excellent price. Click picture for more info.

Chen New Frame Taiji
6 DVD set!

Chen Style New Frame Taijiquan (Actual Combat Method)
Contents synopsis: The Routine I of the Chen-style New Frame Taijiqun is the cream of the Chen-style Taijiquan. In this teachng program, the master Zhang Zhijun not only introduces the drill methods and skill essentials of the Routine??of the Chen-style New Frame Taijiqun, but also stresses his fruitful result he has studied for many years. "Leading force by tip-section and folding from the both tips" is the new techniques for pushing hands and actual combat in Taijiquan. The contents abundance, theory novel and skills consummate in it, and you can find everything fresh and new, so it is a rare specimen of good teaching film.
This is a very thorough 6 DVD set; click picture for more info

Chen Style Cannon Boxing
2 DVD Set

Chen Style Taijiquan Cannon Boxing Routine
Chen-style Taijiquan Small Frame Routine II also called Cannon Boxing has the characteristic of giving priority to the hardness and gentleness contained in hardness. The learning of Small Frame Routine II needs to on the basis of mastery of Chen-style Taijiquan small routine II, break through the stage of ridding stiffness and seeking softness to reach the situation of the whole body following, one move of the whole body causing all moves, the combination of the inside and the outside, the full strength, the harmony of breath and movements. Only at this time is there no warp in learning routine II. Otherwise, there is no elasticity so that during exercise, we fall into the situation where the whole body is stiff with the upper heavy and the lower unstable, gas fills the chest, the heart beats too fast, the breath wheezes, lips turns green and face turns white. This is bad for the body strengthening and Kungfu exercising.
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66 Form of Chen Tai Chi
2 DVD Set

66 Form of Chen Taijiquan
This set was invested by Master Chen Fake for self-exercise in his old age. It is based on the original method of The Chen-style Taijiquan Old Frame. In according to the applied methods, it combines successfully the unrepeating movements of Routine I and II of Old Frame (66 movements in all). Wu Shijun rearranges the rule of "will at moving forward, using sentiment in the movement, moving softly like tearing cotton and using fold and twist movement." It shows rules of the applied methods of skillful attack of moving with the outburst of internal energy. It will bring you to the scene of inner calmness and demonstrates the style of classic elegance portliness soft act and pizzazz. And though demonstration it shows the method of Taijiquan. The set has certain difficulty and is suitable for people with some basic skill.
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For a comparison of the different styles of Tai Chi take a look at the Taijiquan main information page

Chen Style Taijiquan Weapons DVDs

Chen Style Falchion

Chen style Falchion
Chen-style falchion belongs to a long weapon. It has a sound and seamless routine marked by imposing and brisk movements of chopping, hacking, teasing, hitching, cutting, smearing, intercepting, blocking, stirring, stabbing, shoving, dragging, and parrying, etc. To practice falchion, one must have a solid foundation of bare-handed exercise, especially that of waist, legs, and arms.
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Spring and Autumn Falchion
2 DVD Set

Spring + Autumn Falchion

Chen-style Spring and Autumn Falchion is also called the Black Dragon Lower Moon Falchion, which is one of the long weapons of Chen-style Taiji weapons routine. Its distribution is rational and its skills are clear, and it can gain advantage from both sides. When practicing, you must have the good basic of Taijiquan, and it is more important to have the power of waist, legs and arms. The falchion is a long and heavy weapon, so you want to use it freely, and you must have the full energy and force of waist and arms. Its skills include cutting, hacking, pushing, chopping, turning, rolling, twining and pressing, so it is one kind of powerful antipersonnel weapon and it is praised as "the Commander of Weapons".

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40 Form of Chen Broadsword

40 Form of Chen Taiji Single Broadsword
This routine contents more than 20 methods of broadsword, such as hacking, chopping, uppercuting, twining, picking, thrusting, flicking up and so on, it shows the old and original methods of taiji single broadsword routine, combining hardness and softness in harmony, equaling stress the quickness and slowness, dodging and transfers, relaxing and nimble, springing and shaking, sticking to each other without being separated, twine to neutralize the force. It is suitable for someone who has exercised Wushu.

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Five-Tiger Killing Sheep Cudgel
Five-tiger killing sheep cudgel is a kind of long weapon routine within Chen-style Taiji weapons routines and it has been combined with the special characteristics of both spear and cudgel. With its movement combined with the twining, twisting touching methods of Chen-style Taijiquan,so it has a unique style. This routine is accurately and closely arranged, fully displays the special characteristics of the spear-cudgel, and truly shows that the combination of Five-tiger Killing Sheep Cudgel and Taijiquan is wonderful, changeable and powerful.

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Chen Style Tai Chi Books
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