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Change the Thinking and Concept, Nine relaxing, Ten Need and One Lightness


Before we take up Taiji we should have an understanding of its structure and quality. The basic skills are from the below to the top, relax with the toe, heel, knee, crotch, elbow, waist, shoulder, wrist, hand, and fingers. All are successive. This is Nine Relaxing. The Ten Need are: keeping the buttocks down, wrapping the crotch, shrinking the abdomen, dropping hips, extending the chest, making the back round, emptying armpits, and straightening the neck. One lightness: Pushing the head up in mind. The Conghui point as the Yang peak and the Baihui point as the Yin peak. click picture for more info.

Tai Chi Life Enhancement

Characteristics of Tai Chi for Life Enhancement

Taijiquan for Life Enhancement is different from ordinary taijiquan. It focuses on the effect of treatment and the whole cooperation. It stressed on practicing in a group of postures or practicing a posture repeatedly. It forms a system in the aim of curing disease. To learn Taijiquan for Life Enhancement well and to use it properly, you should firmly follow the principle of " four accordings": practise according to individual, practise according to posture, practise according to disease and practise according to time. You can increase the effect of treatment if you can master the above four principles. This lecture will respectively list the practise method of taijiquan for curing more than twenty kinds of ordinary illnesses, using the above four principles. The working method is very practical and easy to learn. And it has proved to have good effect according to practise. Click picture for more info.

Tai chi Life Enhancement
+ Prevention of Diseases

Tai Chi for Life Enhancement - Optional Combination of Movements
One of the characters of taijiquan for life enhancement is its optional, flexibility and changeability. So after the operator of taijiquan for life enhancement masters the optional set pattern, he should understand the optional composed set pattern of taijiquan for keeping health. This lecture indicates that: once master the fundamental principle of curing illnesses and the important method of health-leading, coordinating with thought and breath, health-keeping fans could compose optional set pattern according to their experience and practice, to treat various illnesses flexibly. Twenty optional set pattern this lecture introduces are not only enlightened, but also efficient. With standard demonstration and repeated explanation. Click picture for more info

Eight Direction Line

Tai Chi Eight Direction Line

Eight-direction Line Diagram is formed by The Thirteen Postures, including eight directions, four normal directions of martial arts: east, west, south, north, and four corners directions: northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest, combining with five steps: advancing, retreating, look to the left, look to the right, central equilibrium, The circular Eight-direction Line Diagram is from a square, forming from the rim of a circle through geometry principle. Click picture for more info.

Taiji Foot

Taiji Foot

From principles for Taijiquan written by the ancestor, it is said that, the base is on the foot. The foot is the base, so relax the foot, the toes. Relax from the foot, the knee, the crotch, the waist, the shoulders, the elbows, the wrists, and the hand, from the foot to the top. The solid step is completely solid while the empty step is completely empty. Exchange the Yin and Yang when stepping. In this boxing, Yin and Yang is exchanging all on the foot. There is no need or less to move the hand, just change the Yin and Yang on the foot. Move from the foot, to the leg, and the waist without a break. The upper follows the lower, and the outer joins the inner. Click picture form more info.

Taiji Hand

Taiji Hand and Art of Roushou

Taiji Hand is made of fingers, palms and wrist. Don't use hand with power so it is empty. Through the years' practice we understand that don't put power on Taiji Hands so it will move freely. If there is any block it will do harm to the health. Empty hands are good for the natural sinking of shoulders and elbows. The sinking of the shoulder is connected with that of the elbow. Relax with the 28 small joints, which have their own functions. firstly, control movement with quietude and taking advantage while in disadvantage; secondly, using the consciousness instead of power; thirdly, subduing the hardness by the softness; fourthly, countering a big power with small power. Click picture for more info.

Induce and Capture

Techniques of Induce and Capture

This program consists of Basic Induce, Technical Induce, Capture and Counter-capture. The first two parts tells how to turn the wrists, elbows and shoulders and how to defense in different situations, revealing the advanced use of Push Hand of Taiji Quan. The techniques include induce, fold, borrow force and parry. In the last part, many examples are used to illustrate the cautions and solutions in combat and the essentials and common characteristics of capture and counter-capture are also explained. Click picture for more info.

Complement of Yin and Yang

The Complement of Yin and Yang

The researchers who study the traditional Taijiquan know it very well that the important characteristic of Taijiquan is that the status of yin and yang play a leading role in the Taijiquan. Respond if there is change of Yin and Yang. Yin is inseparable from yang, and vice verso. The complement of yin and yang is something like Taiji totem which the fish of yin and yang are independent of each other. Because yang refers to inhaling and opening Yin refers to expanding, exhaling and joining. Click picture for more info.

Push and Parry

The Correct Application of Basic Push and PArry Techniques
This disc begins with how to join hands, including single push at fixed stance, double push, single push at active stance, explaining in detail that the purpose of Push Hand in Taiji Quan is to move in curve and punch directly. Keep the opponent at arm's length and push him down unexpectedly. Meanwhile it emphasizes the 8 principles of stake exercise and how to take a favorable position. One must know when to induce and when to attack and the advantage of turning the waist. Click picture for more info.

Xing Gong Ball

Xinggong Taiji Ball

The exercise of Xinggong Taiji Ball is in order to help to raise the strength of Taijiquan, which is both good for healthy or the skill of combat. When exercising the Taiji ball, it's principal for fill Dantian with internal energy, studying storing and applying, making the ball turning around by Dantian, a foot under navel, it called from inside to outside, after studying hardly, there takes shape a Taiji ball in the belly, and this called from outside to inside, and the coordination energy between inside and outside can be shown as "Dantian twines itself". Clcik picture for more info.


Three Move, Three No Move, and Calming the Mind, Will, and spirits

Pay attention to the practice of Three Move and Three No Move: That is the movement of hands without the feet's movement, vice versa, or the movement of both at the same time. Three No Move of the body: firstly, no movements, secondly, no active movement, thirdly, no rush. Also there are Three No Move about hands, firstly no movement, secondly, not letting go, thirdly, no resistance. The Three No Move about the hands and feet: firstly, movement of hands without feet; secondly, feet's movement without the hands'; thirdly, the movement of both. Taijiquan emphasizes on building up the body, as well as silence of mind. Practicing Quan is to calm your mind. Don't be fickle and eager for quick success and instant benefit. Click picture for more info.

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