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Welcome to the Eagle Claw Kung Fu Store. Please take a look at our Eagle Claw Kung Fu products, including instructional books and DVDs for eagle claw kung fu as well as eagle claw training aids.

Eagle Claw Kung Fu DVDs


Shaolin Eagle Claw Boxing
A popular style today Shaolin eagle-claw kung fu has a heavy emphasis on joint locks combined with jumping techniques. A very impressive and beautiful style to watch with many effective counters. Click picture for more information and to buy.

Eagle Claw Kung Fu DVD Set

Visit our Eagle Claw Kung Fu page for more info on eagle claw kung fu and an eagle claw wushu demonstration video!
Chin Na Store (Chinese art of joint locks and grappling)
E - BOOKS from the Shaolin online library!

Eagle Catcher
Eagle Claw Kung Fu training aid for building a powerful eagle claw grip!
(Picture and price info is available if you click the link)

Eagle Claw Kung Fu Books

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