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Xingyiquan, Xing Yi Chuan, or Hsing I Quan means 'Will and Form fist' and is sometimes called Chinese mind-body boxing.

Xingyiquan is an internal style which incorporates the Chinese philosophy of Wu Xing, the five elements, into its teachings. Xingyiquan practitioners cultivate Chi and Jing power for there martial arts techniques and utilise this while maintaining a relaxed posture with the proper alignment of connections throughout the whole body, including muscles, tendons and bones. Xingyiquan includes 12 animal forms, each of which has elemental attributions - Dragon, Tiger, Monkey, Horse, Alligator, Rooster, Falcon, Swallow, Snake, Eagle, Bear, and Roc (a mythical animal).
The developmentof Xingyiquan is attributed to Ji Long Feng, a warrior of the late Ming dynasty famed for his ability with a spear. Feng wanted to incorporate his great knowledge of spear fighting into an empty hand style and set out to find teachings that would be compatible with his goal. It is said that he learned a style called Yueh Fei Chuan Pu from a hermit monk living on Zhang mountain. After much training and meditation Feng received the inspiration he was looking for and realised how to unite the internal energies (Nei Kung) with the physical body. From this epiphany Xingyiquan was born.

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Hsing-I 12 Animals

Dragon, Tiger, Monkey, Horse, Alligator, Rooster, Swallow, Hawk, Snake, Ostrich, Eagle and Bear forms taught first individually in varied forms and then together in a comprehensive long form.

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