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An introduction to Eagle-Claw Kung Fu

Eagle Claw is one of the more popular and well known styles of Kung Fu today. As the name suggests eagle claw kung fu is an animal styles which draws inspiration from the eagle. The claw had is used in many eagle claw techniques in preference to fist strikes or chops; the eagle claw is used for striking but more commonly it is used for swift grabs and joint locks. Chin na, the kung fu art of grappling and submission locks is therefore an important part of eagle claw kung fu. Eagle claw has many low stances and long, swift, jumping movements; the aim of these is often to close the gap with the opponent and reach grappling range; the eagle claw hand striking unexpectedly.
Because of its dramatic jumpting movements and graceful poetic movements eacgle claw kung fu is one of the most popular styles in wushu demonstrations and competition routines. 

Eagle Claw Wushu Demonstration Video

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