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Your Online resource for all things Qi Gong /  Chi Kung 

Qi Gong literally means the discipline of Chi / Qi. Chi is the internal energy of the body. Qi Gong is an umbrella term for all exercises and meditative practices that relate to the cultivation, direction and application of internal energy. There are many benefits to Qi Gong practice including health and wellbeing, healing of disease, increased vitality, slowing of the ageing process and maintaining youthful vigour into old age, increased fitness and stamina, greater flexibility, relaxation and reduction of stress, greater control over your own body and its functions, improvements in mental health and feeling of bliss and happiness, increased confidence and success and so on. In addition to these general benfits the ancient power of Qi Gong can be harnessed for specific purposes such as fantastic martial arts applications, healing specific health problems, and accomplishing spiritual objectives. There are links to various chi kung pages within this site on the right hand side of the page. I hope you enjoy them and that they are useful to you!
We will be regularly adding new pages to this section to help you in your studies of this wonderful and powerful art.

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