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There are many different styles and schools of kung fu, some of which are quite similar, some of which seem like completely different martial arts. In fact, Kung Fu is not really a martial art at all, but rather a collective term to describe all of the martial arts of China. On this page you will find a list of different styles and traditions of kung fu; each one will be made into a link taking you to a description page for that style. As there are so many styles, with new ones being created all the time, this page wlil necessarily be a work in progress almost indefinitely. If you see that we have missed something please do not hesitate to email, we will always be interested to hear from you, especially if you can tell us about a rare style that we did not know.

Shaolinquan / Fist of Shaolin

Lohanquan / Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu

Taiju Changquan / Long Fist Style Kung Fu


Hong Quan / Hong Kung Fu (Northern)

Baoquan / Cannon Kung Fu

Hua Quan / Flower Kung Fu

Hua Quan / Essence Kung Fu

Yan Qing Quan / The Art of Deceptive Movements

Houquan / Monkey Style

Baji Quan

Pigua Zhang / Chop-Hanging Palm

Wuzuquan / Five Ancestors Fist

Choy Li Fut


Bagua Zhang / Pa Kua

XingYi Quan

Liuhe Bafa Quan


Wanglangquan / Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Lau Gar

Hongjiaquan / Southern Hong Kung Fu





Hung Gar
Chin Na
Boy Fist

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