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Learn the secretive and powerful techniques of the esoteric martial arts through our unique collection of articles and resources revealing the secrets of kung fu, the Ninja and more!

The term 'esoteric' teachings refers to a body of knowledge reserved for an inner circle of initiates, or to knowledge relating to the inner, implicit, nature of things. This is in opposition to the 'exoteric' teachings which is the 'outer body' of techniques given to everybody, and/or teachings concerned with the outer and explicit nature of things, such as is the case with western science. Many Oriental martial arts include secretive esoteric teachings that are not given out to the majority of practitioners. Have you ever wondered why western kung fu practitioners have failed so dismally in the mixed martial arts competitions they have entered? this is because they have only been given the exoteric teachings of punches and kicks and so on, and have not been privy to the 'inner teachings' of kung fu.

Esoteric martial arts includes, but is not limited to, what is traditionally called the 'internal' martial arts of Chinese Kung Fu. The internal arts are less concerned with techniques and movements as with the cultivation and direction of energy, and the metamorphosis of the body. It is with these internal arts that Shaolin monks are able to peform the incredible feats they demonstrate at the wheel of life show - withstanding powerful strikes to the head with metal bars without flinching and demonstrating superhuman feats of strength. Chi Kung is the original form of internal martial arts from which all others, such as the more popularly known Tai Chi, are derived.

Often the esoteric element of  kung fu and other oriental martial arts does not involve the actual individual techniques themselves - the throws, strikes and counter-strikes, blocks and so on which are taught freely to everyone, but rather special methods for developing force and power, particular patterns of movement which provide continuity between isolate techniques and allow for powerful combination strikes, special training practices for developing speed or particular types of power,  the knowledge of appropriate context and the actual application of technique in real combat, and other such things. Alternatively it may be that the techniques and combinations used in the forms of oriental martial arts like kung fu are used to develop strength and flexibility in specific areas, to build chi, or to impart an understanding of certain principles, and are not, initially, taught as they would be used in real fighting. This 'san shou' or the art of applying the basic principles in real fights would then be reserved for the advanced kung fu students; this is particularly the case for internal martial arts. 

In Oriental martial arts, much more than any other martial art, a knowledge of isolated techniques will not get you far. Without a knowledge of the esoteric foundations upon which they are built, and from which they are derived it is very difficult to weave these techniques into an effective whole and to utilise complex techniques in real life situations. Traditionally in Chinese kung fu the individual techniques themselves would be taught to anyone who wished to learn, but the art of San Shou - freestlye fighting - in which these techniques could be effectively used was taught only to a select few. Today it is possible to learn San Shou as a style in itself but in this it has lost many of its secrets and become a term which simply describes a kind of Chinese kick boxing. In its traditional context San Shou is not a style in itself but rather that sercret core of every kung fu system which allows its practitioners to go beyond rigid techniques and learn the actual art of fighting itself. It is to this traditional interpretation of thge term San Shou that this website is dedicated. It is my strong beleif that with this knowledge, and with the correct intention (Yi) in training Kung fu and other oriental martial arts could be at least as effective, if not more effective, than any other martial art in cage fighting and mixed martial arts / vale tudo fights.

Other examples of esoteric martial arts include the dark arts of deception and hypnotic manipulation practiced by the Japanese Ninja, and the deadly art of Dim Mak, or pressure point fighting in kung fu. To learn about all these and more please take a look through our site with the navigation at the top left or list of popular pages below; new stuff is being added constantly, so if you like the idea but can't find what you want please bookmark this page (control + D) and return later. Or you could help us by adding us to a social bookmarking site:

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