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Welcome to the Shaolin Shop UK stocking books, e-books and DVDs on Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin Qi Gong.
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Authentic Shaolin Teachings!

Jin Yi Ming. LIAN GONG MI JUE: Secret Methods of Acquiring External and Internal Mastery. Shanghai, 1930 /e-Book in Adobe pdf, 7.78 MB, 160 pp./
An old proverb says: “If you exercise only the technique (style) but ignore special training you will be a nobody till your old days.” “Special training” implies particular exercises for developing both WAI ZHUANG – “the External Power” and NEI ZHUANG – “the Internal Power”. Those exercises (training procedures) are collected under a common title – LIAN GONG, literally “Exercising to Acquire Mastery”. In his preface the author writes: “...It is not an idle talk that “Strength can not overcome the Pugilistic Art (Quan Shu), the Pugilistic Art can not overcome Internal Mastery (Gong Fu)”. The people think that it is enough to exercise the Pugilistic Art (Quan Shu) but few know that the Pugilistic Art can not withstand the Internal Mastery (Gong Fu) as the Pugilistic Art is sprouts of Gong Fu and Gong Fu itself is the base and root of the Pugilistic Art. There are people who exercise only Gong Fu and do not exercise Quan Shu. But nobody heard that Quan Shu can be exercised without exercising Gong Fu. Such “mastery” is like flying fluff or floating duckweed - too weak base. It is necessary to exercise both Gong Fu and Quan Shu, only in that case there will be a strong base and excellent Mastery.” The first part of the book presents exercises which belong to the section “External exercising” (WAI GONG) aimed at the development of “the External Power” (WAI ZHUANG). It includes exercises for the development of “hardness” (YING GONG), “lightness” (QING GONG) and “flexibility” (ROU GONG). The second part of the book deals with the development of “the Internal Power” (NEI ZHUANG): the description of massage according to the method NEI ZHUANG XING GONG, the method “Rinsing marrow” XI SUI, some formulae of drugs to increase the level of the “internal power” are given. Undoubtedly, the book will be useful for serious practitioners of traditional styles of Chinese Martial Arts who are eager to reach genuine mastery. For more info, a FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD, or to buy click picture (top left)

Authentic Shaolin Teachings!

LUOHAN GONG Shaolin Internal Training Set
The history of the creation of this book goes back to Master Fan Xu Dong (life time: 1841 – 1925, according to another data - 1936). At the turn the 19-th and 20-th century Fan Xu Dong several times visited Shaolin Temple where he studied heritage of the monastery. That’s what Master Jon Funk writes about it: “Fan made several trips to the Shaolin temple and spent time there researching with the monks. From these trips to the Shaolin temple, as well as his other work with the Seven Star Praying Mantis system, he wrote five volumes titled "The Shaolin Authentic". These handwritten manuals contained concepts on fighting skills, medical information and historical aspects of kung fu. Contained in one of these five volumes is the eighteen exercises of the LUOHAN GONG complete with replicas of the original drawings of the Shaolin monks demonstrating the postures of each exercise.” These five books were later hand copied in Hong Kong by shifu Huang Han Xun. The original illustrations and calligraphy on LUOHAN GONG by shifu Fan Xu Dong was reproduced in shifu Huang's book in which he added photographs to depict the movements. Click the picture (top right) to download. For more info, a FREE DOWNLOAD TRIAL, or to buy click picture (top left)

Authentic Shaolin!

JIN JING ZHONG Training methods of 72 Shaolin Arts
The book "Training Methods of 72 Arts of Shaolin" by Jin Jing Zhong is devoted to the most enigmatic and little-known aspect of training of Shaolin monks. The book was written in 1934 with blessing and direct participation of the Head of the Shaolin Monastery Reverend Miao Xing nicknamed "The Golden Arhat", one of the best Shaolin fighters of all times. Training methods described in the book allow to develop supernatural abilities, far beyond abilities of an ordinary man. In the course of many centuries the methods were the base and core of Shaolin combat training, the most secret part carefully hidden from strangers. However, after a huge fire in 1928 that burnt down Shaolin and a greater part of its records the situation changed. An acute problem of preserving the Shaolin heritage for future generations arose. Most probably, it was the principle reason which made Miao Xing reveal one of the main secrets of Shaolin to the public. The book presents full description of exercises and requirements to their execution, as well as the fundamentals of training theory of 72 Shaolin Arts. For more info, a FREE DOWNLOAD TRIAL, or to buy click picture (top left)

Authentic Shaolin!

The book scrutinizes an old canonical form (the Tao) of the Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, the "Gung Gee Fook Fu". According to the legend, the founder of the Hung Gar Kung Fu style, Hung Tziguan studied this form under the tutorship of Southern Shaolin's best fighter, a Master of the Tiger Style Chzi Shan. The quintessence of Southern Shaolin Kung Fu School. This TAO includes main basic techniques and fighting methods of Southern Shaolin Tiger Style, one of the most effective hand-to-hand system of Chinese Fighting Kung Fu. For more info, a FREE DOWNLOAD TRIAL, or to buy, click picture (top left)

Authentic Shaolin!

Lam Sai Wing "TIET SIN KUEN"
Provides a detailed description of the old Shaolin method of "Internal Training" - TIET SIN QI GONG. A master of the "Iron Thread" can withstand, with no consequences, the strongest of blows, including ones with heavy objects or cold steel arms, bend thick iron rods with his hands, and his "rooting power" is so strong that he cannot be displaced by a group of strong people. In addition, this wonderful method strengthens all internal organs, bones, muscles and sinews. The entire body thrives and rejuvenate. Click picture to download. For more info, a FREE DOWNLOAD TRIAL, or to buy click picture (top left).

Authentic Shaolin!

Yuan Chu Cai. MEI HUA ZHUANG: Poles of Plum Blossom
The book covers “external” (WAI) and “internal” (NEI) training methods practiced by traditional schools of the “Shaolin family” (SHAOLIN PAI). The following proverb has been passed down from generation to generation of people who were occupied in martial arts: “Strength can not overcome style, style can not overcome mastery.” There is one more saying: “Style is the flesh of mastery, mastery (GONG FU) is the skeleton of style.” All this stresses paramount importance of training in the “internal mastery” (GONG FU). Now many exercises presented in the book are almost lost and practiced by very few people. However, earlier they were an integral part of training in traditional schools of Chinese martial arts. Those and similar training methods allowed masters of the past to reach staggering results. Now their skills seem to us supernatural and unattainable. For instance, FEI YANG ZOU BI – “Flying up to a roof ridge and run up the wall”, this skill belongs to the section QING GONG – “Mastery of Lightness”. Or DAO PI FU KAN ER BUNG EN RU - “Swords cut, axes slash but can not harm”, this skill is from the section YING GONG – “Mastery of Hardness”. But those and similar abilities are based on following proper methods, diligence and persistence. That is the main (and only) secret and “no mysticism at all”, as the author writes. The book includes the preface and five chapters. The first chapter covers general aspects of training “internal” and external” mastery. Then requirements to the practice NEI GONG and two exercises for regulation of QI are given. Additionally, there are several exercises from WAI GONG for developing the ability to hit powerfully and to the mark as well as for hardening and strengthening of limbs. The whole second chapter covers YING GONG – “Mastery of Hardness”. It describes a method for developing the ability to sustain cold-steel blows. The third chapter covers QING GONG – “Mastery of Lightness”. A methods of acquiring the ability to run up the wall, walk on a rope, quickly and easily move on the tops of poles is described. The fourth chapter covers the art MEI HUA ZHANG – “Poles of plum blossom” proper. It contains 15 exercises for developing the exactness and speed of motion and 9 exercises for developing the technique of continuous arm and leg blows at five poles. The fifth chapter describes QI GONG of “Dragon and Tiger”. That practice results in better QI circulation, strengthening the body and internal organs, improving eyesight. For more info, a FREE DOWNLOAD TRIAL, or to buy click picture (top left)

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