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This set of Iron Arm exercises combine isometric tension exercises with a qi gong breathing technique and are used both as a form of strength training for the arms and shoulders, and as a part of iron shirt training. These exercise channel chi to the arms and shoulders, from where is bounces back to the internal organs, and in so doing can help to break down blockages and improve health in addition to the martial arts benefits.

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Throughout these exercise you should be using the Wu Huo - Martial Fire Chi Kung breathing technique, and you should establish a comfortable pattern of this breathing before commencing the exercises themselves.
In the first 2 exercises you should inhale as you bring your arms backwards in a relaxed movement, and then exhale as you reverse this movement to push your arms out in front of you; as you exhale you should begin to tense your muscles, beginning at the shoulders and moving down the arms to the hands in a wave-like motion. At the end of the movement hold your breath and keep the muscles tensed for a couple of seconds before relaxing and starting again.
In the third exercise your fists should be chambered (held at the hips) for the initial inhalation and then as you exhale the same wave-like tensing of the muscles should be used as the hands are pushed forwards in the Dragon hand form and again held along with the breath for a couple of seconds. As you do this the chest should shrink inwards and the back curved in a tortoise shell like shape. When done properly the movement should begin at the lower abdomen with the first intake of breath and move in a wave up to the shoulder where the arching of the back and upwards movement of the arms begin, combining to form one continuous movement. Then Relax and change the hands to Tiger claw as you begin to inhale, pushing the chest forwards as you pull your arms out to the side.
In the fourth exercise the inhalation is completed with the fists chambered, and the same arching of the back and sinking of the chest is used as the arms are brought roughly in front of the solar plexus, and this is the point at which you begin to tense the muslces, and again hold this tension along with the breath for a couple of seconds before inhaling.
In the Final exercise the arms are brought up in front of the solar plexus during the inhalation, and then the same arching of the back is used as the arms are tensed and brought down and outwards.
In this video I have repeated each exercise 3 times before moving on to the next so it didn't get too boring to watch, but when used properly you should start with at least 8 reps of each one, and build up over time.

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