Five Animal Kung Fu


Basic Training

The Main characteristic of the Tiger is power. Tiger style techniques are large and strong, and it is generally thought to be best suited to be used by muscular fighers. When the tiger attacks it is with 100% commitement to ending the fight there and then, and practicing this style a student must learn to develop the 'killer instinct' , knowing exactly when to strike to take out their opponent.

Tiger Kung Fu Combination Video:

Tiger Claw

The Tiger Claw handform is made simply by bending the fingers down to look like a claw, as shown in the picture. For defense this is used to grab or hook and attackers arms. The main attacks with this handform use the large mound at the base of the thumb as the point of contact for palm strikes. Clawing techniques use a brief grab and yank to pull opponent down, and are not actually used for scratching or clawing as the may appear to be. Often the palm strike is combined with a downward clawing motion as a double attack.