Five Animal Kung Fu


Basic Training

The main characteristic of the snake is flexibility. This is developed through the snake training, and it required to reach a high level before the snake style can be mastered. The snake is an evasive style which is good for keeping an attacker at a distance. It is very helpful when fighting a larger opponent, particulalrly on with a longer reach. In this style attacks are few but deadly, focusing singulalry on striking pressure points and weak areas of the body. Its is primarily a long range defensive style.

Snake Handform

The Snake handform is basically just an open hand with the fingers held together.
It is held with the palm facing down and your fingers facing your opponent. Keeping the hand open is good for blocking and grabbing techniques, and for strikes the tips of the fingers are used to attack soft targets and pressure points, particularly on the neck and the eyes (if you are being attacked in the street any target is legitimate - you don't have to worry about fighting fair, only ending the fight as soon as possible).