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Begin standing upright with the back straight and kness slightly bent. Take three deep breaths and as you complete the third exhale bring the hands out in front of the hips with the palms facing downwards and fingers pointing towards eachother. Turn the hands outwards so the fingers are pointing in opposite directions and then turn them palm upwards in one smooth motion; as you inhale bring the hands upwards, following the level of the air as it fills your lungs. Bring the hands to chest height with the inhale and then turn the right hand palm down and move the hands downwards as you exhale, bringing the right hand over the left. The hands should be slightly cupped, as if holding a small ball in the hollow between your hands, and should be lowered to about the level of the navel. The arms should be held in as close to a circular shape as possible, as if wrapped around a barrel. Hold this position for three full deep breaths. Now bring the hands upwards, twisting them round so that the fingers point first outwards and then upwards as they come together in a prayer position in front of the chest, and as you breath in as fully as possible pull the elbows backwards and stretch the chest and ribcage, with the palms facing forwards. As you exhale push the hand out in front of you pushing the palms forwards in the brief pause before the inhale. Twist the fingers outwards then bring the palms round to face you and draw them in towards the chest as you inhale. On the exhale push the arms up above your head, palms facing upwards and fingers pointing inwards and hold this position, pushing the palms upwards and focussing the vision between the fingers, for three breaths. Bring the hands down to face level, palms facing towards you, as you inhale then push them out to either side with the exhale, palms outwards and fingers pointing up, vision focussed on the middle finger of the left hand, and hold this for three breaths, pushing the palms outwards again. Then bring the arms down to your sides and relax for a few breaths before moving again.

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