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Reccommended Texts
Taijutsu - Charles Daniel
Most books on the Ninja focus on generalities. They will tell you alot about the history and legends of the Ninja, about their philosophy, and even about the general principles behind there purported mystical powers such as invisibility; but you will find them sorely lacking when it comes to specific training and techniques. This book looks specifically at the Ninja art of unarmed combat - Taijutsu - and provides not just a good read but also a training resource. An excellent text.

Ninja Mind Control - Ashida Kim

Ashida Kim is one of my favourite authors on this subject. His books are all both easily accessible and at the same time scholarly and informative. This was one of the first books I bought on the Ninja arts and I found it inspiring. A great introduction and summary of Ninja mind control and mystical techniques, I wholeheartedly reccomend it.

Ninja Shadowhand  - Haha Lung

This book is unique in that it looks at the Ninja arts of stealth and invisibility from the perspective of hand to hand combat rather than escape and evasion. Learn how to take advantage of blind spots and use the illusionist arts of invisibilty to strike your opponent without them seeing it coming!

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