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Chang Quan or Long Fist kung fu is probably the earliest novel style to branch out and differentiate itself from the 'parent' style of Shaolin. The Taiju style was invented in the 10th cebtury by Zhao Kuang Yin, the founding emperor of the Song Dynasty, who had drawn heavily on Shaolin kung fu in the building of his empire. It is called the 'long style' after the long continuous and flowing sets which it is composed of, which were said to resemble the continuous flowing of the 'Long River' (the Yangzte Chiang). Many movements are linked together and performed continuously without break or interuption.
In addition to this original Chang Quan style the term is also used sometimes as a generalisation to refer to a group of styles derived from the Northern Shaolin tradition which contain long range attacks, forceful stretching movements and graceful jumping and kicking techniques executed in continuous waves one after another. The most popular of these Chanquan styles are Chaquan, Hong Quan / Hong Kung Fu (Northern), Baoquan / Cannon Kung Fu, Hua Quan / Flower Kung Fu, and Hua Quan / Essence Kung Fu

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