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Huaquan, the kung fu of essence is a northern Long Fist style (see:Taiju Changquan / Long Fist Style Kung Fu). It should not be confused with Hua Quan / Flower Kung Fu whose name is identical when translated into English, although different in Chinese due to intonation.
The main focus of essence kung fu is on combining the three types of internal energy: Jing (or Ching), Chi (or Qi) and Shen into a unified whole. There are four attacks, 8 methods and 12 forms in this style.
The four attacks: Hitting, Kicking, Falling and Gripping
The Eight Methods: Hands, Eyes, Body, Footwork, Strength, Internal Force, Intrinsic Energy and Mind Power
The Twelve Forms: Moving Like Waves, Being still like mountains, rising like monkeys, lowering like sparrows, standing like cockerels, being stable like pine trees, turning like wheels, stretching like bows, being light like leaves, being heavy like iron, being sharp like eagles and being fast like wind.

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