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Tai Chi is best known as a martial art and as an exercise system for promoting general good health; but actually it can be much more than this. The philosophy of Tai Chi is embedded within the wider teachings of traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist healing practices, and can be used to heal and cure specific health problems as well as to promote general health and longevity. Tai Chi is particularly effective as an alternative or complementary medicinal practice to treat arthritis and back pain, osteoporosis, diabetes and obesity. It has an advantage over other complementary medicine treatments in that it can be practiced at home by the patient themselves, so you can use it every day without the need to keep paying for costly treatments.
For an introduction to the history of Taijiquan and a breakdown and comparison of its main styles please take a look at our free article: Taijiquan

Tai Chi Health and Complementary Medicine DVDs 

Tai Chi For Weight Loss DVD

A gentle tai chi exercise programme specially designed to optimise weight loss.

Tai Chi to heal Arthritis DVD

An extensive set of tai chi exercises to relieve the pain of arthritis and enhance the body's ability to heal itself. These two dvds can be purchased separately or together.

Tai Chi to heal Diabetes DVD


Tai Chi Health and Medical Books

Tai Chi for Back Pain DVD

An instructional guide to the gentle exercise techniques of Tai Chi for back pain relief. The programme also contains exercise for the wheelchair bound and other chronic conditions.

Tai Chi for Osteoporosis DVD


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