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Free Video Lesson: Rear Naked Choke

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Bas Rutten demonstrates the rear naked choke in this free video lesson.

VideoJug: How To Do Bas Rutten's Rear Naked Choke

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How To Do Bas Rutten's Rear Naked Choke

Mixed martial arts legend Bas Rutten gives a lesson in mixed martial arts. Learn how to put your opponent into a rear naked choke and force him to tap out.

Step 1:
Thin Hand
From a standing position behind your opponent, you will want to slide your choke in from his jaw-line, all the way around the other side of his neck. Make your hand like a thin blade and start sliding from his jaw-line.
Step 2:
Slide Through
Slide all the way through so your elbow hooks under his jaw.
Step 3:
Bicep Grab/ Head Push
Once it's all the way through, grab your bicep and put your hand on the back of his head. This will make the choke tighter and if he starts head butting back you can stop it.
Step 4:
Squeeze And Pull
Now squeeze your arms tightly and pull your shoulders back.This will force your opponent to tap.
Bonus Tip
Pulling your shoulder back will close the distance between your arm and your opponent's neck. This is very important. Some people just squeeze. You don't need to squeeze. You don't need any power with this. Once you pull your shoulder back you will cause a choke. This is a blood choke. That means your cutting off the artery at the neck and in the back. So when you flex your bicep and pull your shoulder back, he's going to tap or pass out because it's going to stop the blood circulation to his brain

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