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Bas Rutten teaches the neck crank technique in this free video lesson. The video clip starts of with a short advert so please be patient.

VideoJug: How To Do Bas Rutten's Neck Crank

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Mixed martial arts legend Bas Rutten gives a lesson in mixed martial arts. Learn how to deliver a deadly neck crank and force your opponent to tap out.

Step 1:
Position Arm
From the side mount, one of your arms is over his body, the other is behind his head. One of his arms will be on the mat. What you need to do is to push his elbow upward and bring the fist of your hand (that's behind his head) underneath his armpit. Make sure you still have control here because he might roll out. I say might because it's going to be difficult because his hand is caught.
Step 2:
Grab Head
While you're using your elbow to bend his head, grab the top of his head
Step 3:
Pull it straight to his stomach, straight forward and he will tap.
If you don't like your opponent or he said something nasty about your girlfriend or your wife, you can add this tip.
Step :
From the neck crank side mount position, shift your hips to the side, behind his head.
Step :
Step your leg over his exposed arm and put it right underneath his armpit. Make it as tight as possible otherwise he can escape.
Step :
And from here you can start hitting. The liver is now exposed. So you can hit this too of course. As hard as you can, just elbows to the liver and punch to the face or maybe even elbows to the face.
Step :
And then you can finish him exactly as you did before.

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