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Also knwon as Yi Quan
Dachenquan, or Yi Quan is the newest of the internal martial arts; it was developed in the 1940s by Wang Xiang Zhai. This styel incorporates Xing Yi mechanisms of force, Qi Gong breathing and energy cultivation techniques, the Tai Chi 4 skills of attacking, sticking, joining and following, as well as the agile footwork of Bagua Zhang. The main emphasis of this style is on generating whole-body power for every technique. The training in this style can be divided into the following basic skills:
- Ji Ji Zhuang - Standing Posture / Stance Training
- Jhi Li - Strength testing
- Mocabu - Friction Steps
- Fali - Release of power
- Shi Sheng - Trial of Breath / Voice
- Tui Shou - Push HAnds
- Ji JiFa - Combat Practice

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