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Yanqingquan, or Yan Qing Kung Fu is named after its inventor Yan Qing, a master of kung fu who lived in the Song Dynasty. There is a very famous story which tells of its origins:

One day Yan Qing was passing through the Province of Shanxi when he met an old priest called Midnight Saint who had with him an exceptionally well trained monkey. This priest began calling his monkey Yan Qing and addressing Yan Qing as monkey. This offended Yan Qing and led to an argument.Midnight Saint told Yan Qing that he should first defeat his monkey before fighting him, but Yan Qing soon found himself utterly unable to beat the monkey that Midnight Saint had trained. Because of this he begged Midnight Saint to take him as a disciple and teach him kung fu.

Yan Qing kung fu, sometimes also known as Mi Zhong Yi, the art of deceptive movements is thus a 'monkey style' of kung fu and contains lots of small deceptive movements and unexpected strikes.

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