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Very often kung fu forms contain hidden techniques and applications which are not explicit, meaning they are not immediately obvious when you watch the form or when you perform it yourself. Generally the applications which are the most explicitly realised in a form, i.e. those that are most visible and obvious within it, will be the ones which are taught to beginners. Sometimes the hidden techniques are taught only to advanced and / or trusted students when they reach a certain level, but sometimes they are not taught at all, but left for you to discover for yourself. This encourages students to play around and be creative, as well as to to pay close attention to every aspect of their forms and to practice them often.
Here is a good example of hidden techniques from part of a drunken kung fu form. In this example the movements of pouring drink from a jug down your throut, wiping the mouth, and then swaying as the arms are brought up to the ready positions might initially look like they are there just for dramatic reasons in imitating a drunkard, and as a preparation for the form which is about to be performed, but as is demonstrated in the video these movements actually contain a hidden block, and double counter punch. The final punch in this movement is very powerful.

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