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An introduction to the fascinating style of Drunken Kung Fu

Drunken Kung Fu is not really a complete martial art in itself, as for example Wing Chun is. It is, rather, a style of fighting that is present in many different Chinese martial arts. Many different schools of kung fu have a drunken form, or incorporate elements of the drunken style, and modern wushu demonstrations often use drunken style kung fu / wushu as it is one of the most interesting and entertaining forms of kung fu / wushu to watch.
Drunken kung fu mimics the chaotic swaying and stumbling movements of a drunken person. Drunken kung fu techniques contain great force and power that is derived from the circular movements and the momentum of continuous, broad movements. Drunken kung fu is a very deceptive style which strikes out of the blue when the opponent is unprepared; it can also be used to lull the opponent into a false sense of security, thinking that the drunken fighter is in no fit state to defend themselves, or to tempt the opponent into making particular attack, beleiving that the drunken kung fu practitioner is unprepared for them.
In the 8 drunken immortals style of drunken kung fu there is an extensive mythology which goes hand in hand with the physical training, and each of the eight forms is based upon the life and personality of one of 8 drunken immortals, a group of wise men and women who traveled across China in ancient times celebrating life and getting into various adventures.
For an introduction to drunken style kung fu techniques take a look at the Hidden Applications: Drunken Style page.

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