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Free Video Lesson: Exorcist Crank

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Bas Rutten teaches the Exorcist Crank in this free video lesson.

VideoJug: How To Do Bas Rutten's Exorcist Crank

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How To Do Bas Rutten's Exorcist Crank

Mixed martial arts legend Bas Rutten gives a lesson in mixed martial arts. Learn how to force your opponent to submit with this neck twisting exorcist lock.

Step 1:
Control Arms
With the opponent lying on top of you with his back on your chest. Grab his arms and control them so he can't move to the left or to the right. Just hold his arms down.
Step 2:
Lock Your Foot
Open your guard, and stretch your leg underneath him and lock your foot up, behind your knee. This way you lock his left hip up. Now he can't move to the right anymore.
Step 3:
Cross Face
Now let one hand go and cross face him to the side. Once you cross face him you can let the other hand go because he can't move to the other side anymore because if he does he's going to break his own neck.
Step 4:
Roll To The Side
Put him on his side.
Step 5:
Hold your hands together and pull his head to the side and there you'll have the tap. Now if he's really flexible, you're going to put your arm over his head, and now you can twist his head with your entire arm. That makes it a little bit stronger. Hence the exorcist move.

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