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Free Video Lesson: Arm Bar from a Mount position

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In this free video lesson Bas Rutten demonstrates how to get an arm bar from a mount position 

VideoJug: How To Do Bas Rutten's Armbar From A Mount

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How To Do Bas Rutten's Armbar From A Mount

Mixed martial arts legend Bas Rutten gives a lesson in mixed martial arts. Learn how to perform an armbar from a mount in order to force your opponent to tap out.

Step 1:
Grab Tricep
From a high mount on top of the opponent's chest, continually punch your opponent. When he puts up his arms, slide your hand between his arms and grab his tricep.
Step 2:
Push Face
Now make a fist with your free hand and push your opponent's face to the side.
Step 3:
Swing Around
Now, keeping a low stance, step over your opponent's face. If you get up too high, then he can pull his arm out and we don't want to have that.So get on your foot, and right away swing over his head.
Step 4:
Control Arm
Now you have both legs over his chest, with his arm between your legs.Grab the inside of his hand, controlling his whole arm. Make sure your feet are hooked so he can't push it off and escape. Keep your feet hooked.
Step 5:
Shift Hips
Now his arm is not bending straight up anymore but a little bit in an angle. Shift your hips diagonally to the left in order to force him to tap.

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