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Here is a series of Ninja meditations based upon the oriental five elements.

The Five elements are Earth, Wood, Fire, Water and Air.
The element of earth is related to the spleen and the stomach. Stress is considered the main problem for this element, so this exercise is good for those who suffer from stress.
All of these exercises are practices from a kneeling position. Interlock the fingers, keeping the tips of the thumbs touching, with the hands resting in your lap. Exhale fully. As you Inhale imagine chi filling your lungs. Lift your hands to throut level as you inhale. Now turn the hands palm upwards and push them up above the head as you exhale, imagining all negative energy, impurities and toxins leaving your body. Hold this for a second or two and then inhale again as you lower your hands to the top of your head, imagining pure white light being drawn down into your body with this movement. Finally exhale, returning the hands to their original position on your lap. Repeat this 9 times.
Water is associated with the kidney and the bladder. Begin with hands on knees. Raise the arms upwards with the hands hanging limply down, inhaling deeply filling the lungs from the bottom to the top. Then lower the amrs and hands back down to the knees as you exhale. Repeat 9 times.
Air is associated with the lungs and with the large intestine. With the hands resting on the lap curl up the forefinger and hold it under the thumb, with the other fingers pointing towards each other and the middle fingers touching. Remaining in this position breath in and out through the nose and imagine enegy circulating up the back of your body as you inhale and down the fornt as you exhale. Do this 9 times.
Fire is associated with the heart and the small intestine. Raise the arms in front of the body in a circle with the fingers almost touching. Imagine energy entering the right fingers as you inhale, passing through the arm and body, through the heart, and out through the fingers of the left hand as you exhale.
Associated with the liver and the gallbladder. Inhale, lifting the arms out to the sides, palms down, and up above your head; then exhale, pulling an imaginary pillar down in front of the body. Stop at throut level, holding half of the breath in the lungs; focus your eyes bewteen your hands and imagine that you are holding a ball of energy. After a while you will get timgling in your fingers and actually feel the energy when you do this. Hold it as long as you can without strain and then complete the exhale, returning your hands to rest on your knees.

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