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Martial Arts Training Shoes
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ADIDAS Adiluxe
                                             Training Shoes

Black Eagle Training

Kung Fu Slippers
                                             - Rubber Sole

These are the New Adidas® Adiluxe Performance Training Shoes. The Adi-Luxe Training shoe has been designed for demanding, high impact training, refereeing or any indoor sport. Adidas have put all their resources available to them to produce the top Taekwondo and Indoor Sport training shoes on the market today. They have special features which give extra support and comfort to help assist your performance.

Adidas shoes are designed for a snug fit, to prevent the shoes slipping off when training, especially when performing kicks. It is usual for these shoes to feel tight at first, but after just 3 or 4 outings, these shoes will fit to perfection!

Available in sizes 6 to 12 UK

Martial Arts Training Shoes for Indoor use

Manufactured from artificial leather, with attractive stripe design.

Ventilation holes ensure breathability.

Double Stitched seams for added strength, and 'swivel' points on the soles to aid spinning kick techniques.

Available in sizes 30-35

JUST £15.99!

JUST £7.80!

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