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Martial Arts T-Shirts and Casual Wear
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Kung Fu T-Shirt
Red Lizard's own individually designed, high quality, professionally double printed, Ultra Heavyweight Kung Fu T-Shirts.

This design is printed in black and red on a white shirt.

Available from Small to XXL

Kung Fu T Shirt

Karate Design T-Shirt
Our own Karate Design on a plain Black T shirt.

High quality washable screen print on a premium grade Gildan or Fruit of the Loom T shirt!

Traditional Japanese Kanji for Karate running down alongside the Japanese Rising Sun flag

Available in sizes Small to XL

Black Karate
                                             T Shirt

Shotokan T-Shirt
We have designed this T Shirt specifically for Shotkan Karateka and Enthusiasts.

Traditional Shotokan Tiger with Karate in Japanese Kanji design.

High quality washable screen print on a premium Gildan or Fruit of the Loom T shirt.

Available in sizes Small to XL

Shotokan T Shirt

Special Edition double sided T-Shirt featuring Bruce Lees own original drawing and philosophy writings.

This fantastic new Red Lizard Bruce Lee T-shirt has been created with the help of Bruce Lees younger brother Robert Lee. It is well known that Bruce was a great philosopher as well as an incredible martial artist.

It is perhaps not so well known that he was also a very competent artist and poet.

Bruce Lees original drawing of a wise man has been exactly reproduced onto this special edition shirt which also features his signature incorporating the 'little dragon' kanji.

On the reverse of the T-Shirt with the help of Robert Lee we have scanned Bruce’s original chinese handwriting, the design then incorporates the exact english translation of Bruce Lees philosophy -

"Avoid being judgemental when dealing with others. Everyone is a unique human being with his/her own emotion, pride and prejudice."

Red Lizard thank Robert Lee and the Lee Family Association for helping us to bring you this officially licensed T-Shirt.

Available in Small to XXL

Bruce Lee Artwork
                                             t Shirt

56 Rough Cut Hoodie
Featuring the Evolution Fightwear "56" logo.

100% heavyweight 340gsm cotton.

Lined hood.

Available in navy blue, in sizes Small to XL

56 Rough Cut

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