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Makiwara Board

For hardening striking points.
Foam padding on wooden base.
Covered with vinyl.
For practicing full contact with hand and foot techniques.
Secured to wall.

Length approx. 30 cm, width approx. 15 cm, thickness approx. 7 cm.

Makiwara Boards

Canvas Kick Bag with Leather Kick area. Extremely strong and compact. Four strong handles on the rear for secure holding during kicking sessions. A zip closure allows the stuffing to be removed to create a softer kick bag for children if required. Also, additional stuffing can be added if the bag 'softens' over time, and a firmer bag is required. This bag can also be hung against a wall for home use where a partner is not available, allowing the indicidual practicing of hand techniques and also side and front kicks.Dimensions: 23 inches x 14 inches x 7 inches deep (approx)

Canvas Kick Bag

Elite Curved Kick Shield
A specially designed Curved Kick Shield suitable for Children and Adults.

Manufactured from lighweight EVA foam inner, with PVC outer skin, this kick shield has been designed to be both light weight, yet incredibly practical.

3 outer hand holds provide a greater choice for the holder. The 2 side handles allow the shield to be held tight to the body, helping absorb the kickers power. The top hand hold provides additional options in holding the shield away from the body, creating a target that users can kick up into.

2 cross body handles and 1 top handle at the back means this Kick Shield provides users with a multiple of options to ensure greater comfort to the holder.

Dimension: 23 inches high x 16 inches wide by 6.5 inches deep

Total weight only 2.9Kg.

Probably the best Kick Shield you will ever use!!

Elite Curved
                                    Kick Shield

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