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Best quality and prices for Karate Uniforms - Click picture for more information or to buy!

Adult Karate
                                             Uniform 12oz 'Shodan'

Adult and Junior
                                             Elite Student Karate Uniform

Black Eagle's 'Shodan' Medium Weight Karate Uniform

A genuine 12oz Medium Weight Karate Gi, designed in the Japanese style, and excellent value for the developing, experienced student.
Re-enforced stitching at the shoulders and arms ensures this uniform will withstand the toughest training regime!

Additional kick gusset, suitable for Kata or Kumite.

Made from 100% Cotton Canvas, weight 12oz.

Available in Adult sizes 160 to 200


The Elite Student Karate Uniform

Our premium Student Karate uniform for those who prefer something a little different. Traditional Japanese Cut.

Heavier than the traditional student uniforms, this Karate Gi is manufactured from approximately 9oz Cotton to give a more 'light/medium' weight Gi suitable for both beginners and more advanced students.

This Karate Gi will provide superb durability for all training, including Kata and Kumite.

Elasticated tie waist for greater ease of fit.

A white belt is provided with this uniform

Available in sizes 110 to 200. Just 13.99

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