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This short video lesson (58 sec) demonstrates two qi gong / chi kung exercises for developing more powerful punches.

Two exercises are demonstrated in this video. In the first one arem sweeps down whilst the other is 'chambered' at the hip. Imagine that you are lifting powerful chi from the earth and then throwing it into the strike. The whole body should move as one harmonious unit as the chambered fist strikes and the other arm is taken to the side of the chin. As well as developing chi this exercise is great for programming the correct coordination of movement into the muscles for maximum power when you punch. In the second exercise the strike is again coordinated with the throwing forward of the other arm, and it is much easier to get a feel for how this secondary movement can increase the power of a strike. The second exercise is also very good for developing a particular kind of leg and hip strength. With each exercise you should begin with 10 repetitions on each side and then build up as you get used to it.

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