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Xu Yi Qian. CHUAN NA QUAN. Style of Piercing Blows and Holds
CHUAN NA QUAN, a kind of the pugilistic art, was developed by master Sha Da Chuan from the town of Nantong. All movements of this kind of the pugilistic art were taken from the style TAI JI YUAN GONG; the oldest and respected specialist in it was master Wang Yue Qun, a fellow-townsman of Sha Da Chuan. During several decades this style was formed through reflection, training and practical experience.  The book contains 30 of the most effective methods from CHUAN NA and few techniques from the section SHAN DIAN SHOW (“Arms like lightning”) of the style TAI JI YUAN GONG. We tried to shift the grain from chaff and show all that is the most valuable. All in all, fifty-five position are available, each of them is shown on a photo and supplied with detailed explanations on the execution of movements, movement directions, etc.  I always tried to proceed from actual situation, take into account practical training experience and compile a book on that base. Quintessence and innermost gist of this martial art are given in the book. The book includes actual movements, methods and techniques and does not contain idle talk and methods unfit for practical use. As this kind of QUAN SHU (“pugilistic art”) is passed down to outsiders very seldom, there are only few people who know it. Being anxious that with time this style can be entirely lost, I recorded everything I knew from my tutors. Click picture (top left) to download.

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