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AIKIDO - Takemusu
                                             Aiki Bukikai

                                             Traning of the Attractive Force

AIKIDO - Yoshinkan

Patricia Guerri, Aïki Bukikaï 6th Dan, leads you to mastery of Aikido Weapons. She learnt her knowledge thanks to Master Morihiro Saito, a pupil of the Founder Morihei Ueshiba for 23 years in Iwana.

During the years she spent with Morihiro Saïto Senseï, Patricia Guerri earned the certificates Mokuroku Dan for weapons (5th dan), Aïki Ken, Aïki Jo, Bukiwaza, which made her the best representative to teach the weapons practice.

Patricia Guerri protects, develops and carries on the teaching received Aïki Bukikaï.

LANGUAGES : English-French-Spanish-German-Japanese-Arabic-Hebrew


Taï-Jitsu - Aïki-Waza. Emtpy Handed Defense Techniques. The Essence of Morihiro Saïto Senseï’s Aiki.

The techniques presented in this DVD are many and diverse, with care taken to ensure you get a good understanding. Once the principles of De Aiki Bukikai are assimilated perfectly, you can create a good many techniques, whatever the contact point with the opponent is.

LANGUAGES : English-French-Spanish-German

EXTRA FEATURES : Chapters - Interactive

AIKIDO The Training of The Attractive Force

Gérard Blaise, 7th Dan in Aïkikaï of Tokyo, presents his method that could be summed up by two sentences : « by guiding the partner, you absorb him » « The Aikido is the training of the attractive force »

LANGUAGES : English-French-Spanish-German

EXTRA FEATURES : Chapters - Interactive menus - Demonstration at the Night of the Budo - Photo gallery - Trailers

AIKIDO - Yoshinkan School

Jacques Muguruza, 6th Dan, presents you Aikido, the Yoshinkan School.

The development of Yoshinkan specifically lies within the development of clear and precise techniques, focusing on principles and Aikido spirit.

LANGUAGES : English-French-Spanish-German

EXTRA FEATURES : Chapters - Interactive Menus - Photo gallery - Trailers

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