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Tanglangquan, or Praying Mantis kung fu can trace its roots back to a secular disciple of the Shaolin Monastery during the Ming Dynasty called Wang Lang.
Wang practiced the Lohan style with all the other monks and disciples but he couls never beat his classmates, no matter how hard he trained, perhaps because of his small stature and the fact that the Lohan style favours large powerful fighters.
One evening while he was resting der a tree after being beaten by his eniors in sparring Wnag Lang noticed a Praying Mantis fighting with a Cicada; he was greatly inspired by what he saw. He then went out and caught a few Praying Matises so that he could study their movements, and he began to incporporate what he learnt into his kung fu. Wang Lang's fighting skill and sparring performances improved dramatically and his master began helEnter content hereping him to refine his Praying Mantis style and eventually sent him out from the Monastery to travel the country learning other martial arts and using this knowledge to refine his new Praying Mantis style. Wang Lang did this and selected the best parts of 17 different styles of kung fu, such as the footwork of the Monkey style to incorporate into his system; he then returned to the Shaolin Monastery and taught the new Praying Mantis style to the other monks and disciple who were so enamorred with it that it even replaced Lohan Quan as the main style of kung fu taught at the Shaolin Monatery, at least for a while.
Today this original Praying Mantis has branched out into a number of separate schools with quite distinct styles: Seven Star Praying Mantis is perhaps the most widely practiced, there are also distinct northern and southern styles of Praying Mantis, Six Harmonies Praying Mantis contains more internal Qi Gong practices, and Steel Wire Mantis has a heavy emphasis on fore-arm conditioning and Steel Jacket practices and practitioners often throw their arms in first as a kind of aggressive form of blocking.

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