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Wuzuquan was created by Bai Yi Feng during the Yuan Dynasty. He did this by inviting many masters who had graduated from the Shaolin Monastary and gone out to develop their own styles and learn new arts back to the Monastary to demonstrate their skills. Out of all the monks who took part in this demonstration there were 5 masters who stood out above all others. Their names have been lost over the years but it is known that they were masters of White Crane, Taiju, Lohan, Monkey kung fu, and Bodhidharma style Qi Gong. Bai Yi Feng brought these masters together and combined their five styles into one martial arts which has come to be known as Wuzuquan, five ancestor fist; it is also sometimes called Yi Ming kung fu after Cai Yi Ming who spread this art throughout China in the Ming Dynasty.
Although Wuzuquan is an external style it has very strong connections with the internal arts; the most important set in this style is called San Zhan, meaning 3 battles, and it is used for developing internal chi power as much as for fighting applications.

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