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Elite Hook &
                                             Jab Pads

Thai Pads - Leather

Focus Mitts -

Elite Hook & Jab Pads

Manufactured from High Quality, very strong fine grain Leather.

A special filling ensures these mitts will sit perfectly in the wearer's hands, and are incredibly strong, yet receptive, for both amateur and professional sparring training.

The back of the hand is protected further by a strong leather support, with a velvet lining to reduce slip and rubbing on the skin.

These are Top Quality Hook & Jab Pads, comparable with any of the top brands currently available.

Split Cowhide Leather Thai Pads

Sold as a Pair

Additional padding of Neoprelux and Air cushioned foam.
Designed to protect the whole forearm, and allows practice sparring techniques involving hands, elbows and feet.
Ideally suited to Thai and Kickboxing, these pads are also useful practice aids for other Martial Arts.

Manufactured from Top Quality Cowhide Leather, these Thai Pads are both light and strong, and very shock absorbent

The upper handle is riveted for extra strength and grip. 2 additional velcro closing straps ensure a well secured pad to the arm.

Focus Mitts

Focus Mitts manufactured from fine grain cowhide leather.

Special hi-density foam padding makes these mitts both receptive and durable.

Hand is secured firmly in a purpose made glove and additional velcro fastening.

Suitable for both Adults and Children of all abilities.

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