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Here is a video demonstration of three of the best dodge and counter-strike technique drills from San Shou full-contact Kung Fu

In the first technique shown on this video you should step or jump to the side whilst bringing your leg up, partly as a block and partly as part of the dodging movement; in this technique it is combined with a downward block. This is particularly effective against kicks. The most important thing to learn to get this technique right is the forward step into the arrow stance and the counter strike, which should both be part of the same swift movement with the momentum beginning at the openening of the groin.
The second technique drill combines two slightly different technique, and is based on a sideways duck and dodge with simultaneous strike, and then stepping into a second strike.
The third technique uses a snapping back motion which draws power from the tension of the body as it stretches backwards away from a strike to the head. Good flexibility is required to do this well, but when practicing the technique itself you should be focusing on developing the power of the counter strike

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